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Q: What does semi mount mean?

A: Semi Mount simply means that the center stone is not included.

Q: What is the best way to clean and care for gold jewellery?

A: First of all don’t keep your jewellery in the box given to you when you purchase, get a jewellery box to keep your jewellery in. The best way to clean your jewellery is to bring it to a jewellery store and they will use their machine to clean your jewellery.

Q: Why do similar pieces of jewellery have such different prices?

A: When it comes to jewellery, it’s the little details that impact the price. A big component that plays a part in the pricing is the gold weight for example a ring could be 3g (hollow) and the same design 6g (solid). Also, if you are looking at diamond products, look at the quality of the diamond. When it comes to a diamond, that is where many people get confused and often revert to the “cheaper” price.

Q: What are the 4Cs?

A: Note below.

Carat - the weight of the diamond
Clarity - the clarity of the diamond reflect the internal characteristics of the diamond such as inclusions and and blemishes.
Cut - the most important characteristic when it comes to selecting your diamond. This is the “C” that affects the sparkle of the diamond. Choosing the highest cut will maximize your budget.
Colour - the colour of the diamond is as simple as its name; the lowest grade of colourless diamonds have a yellow hues inside of the stones.

Q: What is the best karat of gold is best to buy diamonds in?

A: When it comes to choosing the karat of the gold it’s totally up to you. But we tend to recommend 14k gold because it’s higher than 10k, but you still have more durability than the 18k or higher karats of gold.

Q: How long will it take to get my order ready for shipment?

A: We take 10 business days to complete orders from our collection and 15 days to complete custom jobs. We are willing to work within your time frame as well.

Q: Do you offer a repair service?

A: We do offer a repair service, all we ask is that you either call or book an appointment online.